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Sarah O'Carrigan

Tel: 0422 052 080

Parents bootcamps

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About me

Hi, I'm Sarah O'Carrigan. I'm a fitness trainer and a parent living in the Blue Mountains.

In 2014, I started Health Tree Fit-Nest, a Blue Mountains-based affordable body positive outdoor exercise programme for women, new mothers and parents. Health Tree Fit-Nest is an extraordinary community initiative on a mission to create “Connection, Compassion, and Kindness".

Health-Tree Fit-Nest has supported over 400 women and employs 8 local mothers as childcare professionals who run the creche for our Mums and Bubs Boot Camps programme. With Health Tree Fit-Nest, I provide a safe space for exercise, and have built a supportive community for women to prioritise their fitness and mental health together.

Photo from my bootcamp zooms during the 2021 lockdown

Classes in three locations Gloria Park Hazelbrook Lomatia Park Springwood Glenbrook Park Glenbrook
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